Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Form 4

in 4 Kempas this year with Benjamin, Kim Tan , Kuan Yen , Jin-Zhi, Eng Keat , Brandon , Daxter , Yuven , Veronica Ng , Yoke Yee, Wy Keat and the rest ;)

I like my teachers except my bio teacher , urghh. why bio? yeesh. Willl be on HIATUS on this blog haha sorry guys :p 


Friday, December 24, 2010

Wheen A Child is Booorn;

this is what i got from my friends in KA :)
i forgotten to include regina's cup though :O it was downstairs.
nvm, will take a pic next time and upload it :)




Friday, December 17, 2010

Just For Fun;

Grandad : When I was your age all I got for christmas was an apple and a a few blackberrys.
Child : What? You got a laptop and 3 phones.Well arent you lucky :(



Monday, December 6, 2010

The Social Network

It was kinda a last minute plan thingy cause kokojon , me and giant (Julian) is bored today so decided to go watch a movie ;D and invited Sandra and Andrew too ! haha. Wanted to watch Narnia, but its only available in 3D so yea. change to this movie haha :D omg its 18 above and i was scared i cant get in HAHA. Giant was like " put on your dulan face can di " HAHAHA.funny.

Anyway , now i know why its 18 above. AHAHAH i dont really even understand! ok laa can la but yea all those shares , marketing thingy :S LOLLOL. Brenda Song and Justin Timberlake were in it too haha. and this guy

Andrew Garfield as Eduardo

omg he's hot. HAHAHA :P seriously! lollol

Eduardo & Mark Zuckerberg

Anyway so far okay laaa. For me rating is 6.5/10 haha :D  Oh and there's this pic i found at google :D

:P hahaha

Anyway! This friday going to watch NARNIA with jinzhi and the rest ! :D hahaha, see ya guys! Im off to sleep soon.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Rapunzel The Movieee

Im back from watching Rapunzel the movie with my sis at Tropicana City Mall (: it was kinda last minute thing we wanted to do since we were bored at home and dad got back and my sis can use his car. Hahah anyway reached there around 7.10pm bought tickets for the 7.15pm show then went in then Susan called my name while we were kinda "rushing" to the cinema as my sis thought we were late. Hahaha. 

The movie was absolutelyy amazinggg! Its so cutee and omg funny! Especially with Rapunzel using the pan as a weapon. HAHA :D

Eugene "Flynn Rider" Fitzherbert

and the most i like is..

the chameleon

HAHA :P omg seriously he's so funny, even the horse Maximus. AND YOU KNOW WHAAAT? i came back and wikipedia the show and the voice of Eugene is Zachary Levi. YES HIM, the guy in the series show called CHUCK. omggg and he can sing! HAHA SHOCKING :P

I have a post in my school DUCF's camp commitee 2011 (; treasurer yo! hahaha :D

thats all i have to say! tata everyone! Now i cant wait to watch NARNIA 8D



My blog is officially dead-- Not quite though. But still! HAHA :D 


Saturday, November 20, 2010

" Honey, if you're going to be two-faced , at least make one of them pretty "

How do I end up in the same old place,
faced again with the same mistakes,
so stubborn thinkin I know what is right,
but life proves me wrong everytime,
takin roads that lead me nowhere,
how do I expect to get there,
but when will I learn to just put you first.

I come to you now when I need you,
but why do I wait to come see you,
I always try to do this on my own but I was wrong cause only with you can I move on. Can I move on.

When I awake it's you that makes 
me strong,
and I know that you've been with me all along,
so many times I begin to close my eyes and listen to my heart,
with you life is so easy why do I 
make it hard, 
oh takin roads that lead me nowhere how do I expect to get there when will I Learn to just put you first.

Move On - Bruno Mars

WOAH. Back from carolling prac;) should have brought my water bottle. HAHA i was lazy to carry it around so yea LOL. Then that Sandra laaa :( but actually i took the risk to try whatever she giving me to eat HAHAHA. Ended up Ginseng candy. EW. OMG SERIOUSLY WEI. AND I STINK WHEN I TALK HAHAHA. I threw it in the rubbish bin after few sucks LOL. then i got tummy ache :( blaaaah LOL

Tommorow im going SKYTREX :D with ze church friends ! hahaha. And it was Gabriel Lum's b'day :D so we distracted him while David light up the candle. HEEH . funny laaa haha. And when i came back i saw my status and somehow i forgotten to log out from my sis's phone in facebook. Grr. LOLLOL.

Blah. im not in the mood now also haha :D byee guys :) nightynights

btw, ill update the trip about skytrex somehow ;)